Kids Martial Arts 

For Parents Who Know Giving Your Child the Skills of Success Early In Life Can Have a Major Impact on their Future...

For kids, Karate, at any age is a great idea. Martial arts training early in life can help mold a child into a mature adult. Starting a child in the marital arts will help them to develop confidence, discipline, and determination early in life. These assests are easily transferred to both the classroom and home enviroments. At American Karate Centers here in Richmond, VA one of our specialties is working with kids.
With active parental involement, our instructors are able to teach children much more than just kicking and punching. It is important to us the the students we teach have a positive attitude both inside and outside the karate school.
We keep our classes fun, yet challenging, so your child keeps coming back for more. It is our job to motivate, discipline, and provide positive reinforcement to our students. Our curriculum consists of nine levels prior to black belt. As a student progresses through our program, what they need to achieve becomes more and more demanding. This system enables the student to set and achieve a clearly defined goals.