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The Best Martial Arts Training In Richmond, VA For 25 years!

Richmond, VA's Best Martial Arts Facility 
Creating strong familes and athletes for over 25 years.

At American Karate Center in Richmond ,VA,we are dedicated to providing our students and community with the best programs of exercise, discipline, education; and self defense to improve their mental, physical, and spiritual well-being while promoting healing and unity.
What we brought to Richmond,Va and Martial Arts.
  • Originators of Thai Boxing  in the Richmond, Va
  • Brought  no rules Mixed Martial Arts combat to Virginia
  • First to Host Vale Tudo Tournaments; Both single and tag team
  • First to have fighters pursue professional careers in the Richmond, Va area.
  • First to include and train women MMA fighters in Richmond, Va.
  • First to host the Gracie Ju-Jitsu Open. This ushered in the Brazilian Ju-Jitsu movement in Richmond, VA
What We are Bringing To Richmond,VA Now
Adult Programs
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Adult Programs
Adult Martial Arts
Children's Martial Arts
Fitness Kickboxing and Bootcamp
Looking  for a Martials Arts place in Richmond, Va to improve your health in a fun and nurturing environment? Looking for a Richmond Karate classes to foster your child’s leadership potential and help improve focus in school and everyday life? Have a thirst for competition in the sports of Thai Boxing, Kickboxing. MMA, BJJ and more?
Do you want to find your limits and then push past them ?
No matter what your goals are in Martial Arts and Fitness , we have the right martial arts program for you here! 
Our Programs
Qualified, trained Fighting coaches and Fitness professionals in Richmond, Va to help you meet your goals.
Our Martial Arts Programs in Richmond, Va are for kids, families, busy professionals and the weekend warriors. No matter who you are, we have a program for you!
  1. Train like a fighter in Kickboxing, Muay Thai boxing, MMA, and BJJ without the bumps and bruises of the octagon. Learn the secrets of Kickboxing, Muay Thai and more, all while scorching body fat and building lean muscle. Get in the best shape of your life while having fun and learning a new skill! You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.
  2. Give your son or daughter the competitive edge in life with our Three Stage Leadership program, located right in Richmond, Va . By working on the fundamentals of American Style Karate, you child will develop razor sharp focus, increase condition and develop an unshakable confidence that will carry over to other aspects of their life. See how your child can apply for our Richmond Leadership Program
  3. Forget the boring gym routine. Blast your way to a lean, sculpted physique with Richmond’s Premier Boot Camp. Designed specifically with the working professional in mind, our program will challenge you to become a better version of you, in the time you have. Come find out how to allievate lower back, knee pain and improve your productivity.
Adult Programs
Children's Martial Arts 
Fighter's Bootcamp
American Karate Center strives to make you the best version of yourself.
If that means you are trying to lose some weight With our cardio kickboxing, Muay Thai classes  and fitness bootcamps, learn self-defense with our Kickboxing, and get in a great workout, we can help
If that means you need to improve your conditioning, hone your fighting skills, and get some practice on the mat, we've been there too.
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